Raised in the beautful city of London where possibilities are endless to living in a small town, where peace is the key and capturing what I see with my camera is the game, south of Barcelona. I’ve been living there since 2010 exploring the surroundings and learning the languages, I’m getting quite good at it too, although Catalan isn’t my cup of tea.

I started Inbound Photography becasue I always had a keen eye for detail and for what people dismissed,which just motivated me more about doing something that I enjoy. On this journey I call my life, I realised that I love taking photos, a few photos you take for a friend or even on holiday can make you fall in love with your camera. That’s what basically happend, I decided that whenever I get a chance I will travel and photograph my adventures.

I’ve already been to some wonderful places andf want to share those experiences with you, and my opinions ofcourse.

Currently my official function is an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher, were I work I ‘m also in charge of website development, social media management and community management for the school. I am a Cambridge English Certified English teacher, my certification is the CELTA (Certificate in Englsih Language Teaching to Adults) I have obtained my certification from the International House Barcelona on May 30th 2015.

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