Communion Photo Shoot

Ok, so last Sunday I did a communion photo shoot in the scorching May sun, what happened? I GOT BURNED !!! Anyway.
We met up in the morning and it went on through to mid-day, yes I know you shouldn’t photograph with mid-day sun but had no other option.
I took my Canon 1200D and was quite surprised with the outcome, it really is true what people say. “It’s not the equipment, it’s how you use it.
I took around 270 photos, but at the end of the day you’re not giving away 270 raw files that weren’t edited are you? So I managed to salvage around 50 photos which I thought was quite good. Why salvage you ask? because my little client wouldn’t stop making faces !!!!! lol
I won’t show all of the 50 photos but I’ll show you the ones that I think are the best ones. Most of them are in black and white but there are some that are in colour, the B&W photos I didn’t give to the client. Because everyone wants colour picture and no one understands my genius 😀 Enjoy !!!

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