Social Media and Where to find ME

In this post I just had to write/talk about social media. We all have it and we’re all semi-addicted to it.
I like my social media channels and I love connecting with people from all over the world, therefore I’m well connected 😀
Let me tell you what I use and how you can find me.
The following accounts have the most traffic, why? because I use them the most. Makes sense right? Click on the links and check them out !!
These accounts have the most followers (and growing) and also have the most material than I have done so far.
I’m going to talk about them from the bottom up, starting with Instagram. Instagram is like my online gallery, I post everything on there. If it’s good it’s good and if it’s bad it gets edited 😀 and still goes on there.
Next is Twitter, Twitter for me is not about getting the most followers is about informing the followers I have at the moment of what I’m up to and if that happens to grow my following even better. You can say that Twitter is a work in progress.
Last, but not least, we have the brand new Facebook page for Inbound Photography which is the baby account out of the three, but has the most content, don’t ask me how that happened.
Other accounts include:
I really like tilpy because they hand pick photographers from all over and when you upload tour images to create your portfolio, they hand pick the very best photographs. For example, if you think that a photo is awesome they might think it’s mediocre and send you an email to let you lnow you can do much better. That pushes your creative side, I know it pished me to do better.
These websites are professional portfolio websites and you if you like what you see you can buy the images. (I do not sell my images privately)
I’m also working on my website which most probably will be up at the end of this year (2017) or the start of the next (2018).
Going to be creating a website on, which I highly recommend for its integration, ease of use and customization. It’s epic for anyone who is looking for a professional looking website with no coding or design experience.
If you’d like to collaborate on a project or have a discussion about some of my photos or yours don’t hesitate to get in touch and lets start talking !!
Stay Tuned For More. . .

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