Vietnam & Cambodia Trip

Ok so this post is a bit late since we started to plan this trip in October, but I’m doing this now because we have pretty muh everythig planned out.
So, we are going on Holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia at the beginning of August, the first two weeks, and since we have more or less everything planned out I would like to share with you my Itinerary. OH ! and by the way this trip is no way near on a budget, like my last one :D.
Because we are going with my in-laws we’re not going 100% backpacker style.
Well sort of, we’re going to be staying in a few nice hotels such as:
In: Hoi An
  • Belle Maison Hotel
In: Hanoi
  • New Vision Hotel
In: Sa Pa
  • Anh Duc Homestay
In Vietnam, all of our bookings were made by and I highly recommend it.
Ok, so obviously we are going travelling without a clue mode and these are just a few places we are thinking about visiting in Hanoi:
  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son
  • Hanoi Old Quarter
  • Temple of Literature
  • Halong Bay (Cruise: 1 Night)
If you’d like to get the most out of the city and you don’t have much planned, take the Hanoi Tours – Check Them Out
Then we are going to Hoian were I’m probably going to have to buy a bigger memory card because I’m going to loose my mind. So in Hoi An we’re thinking about visiting:
  • The Japanese Covered Bridge
  • Hoi An Old Town
  • Hoi An Central Market
  • Hoi An Riverside (Recommended to visit at night)
and much more.
Next is Sapa (Rice fields), we’ll spend 2 days enjoying the scenery and doing day trips and relaxing (so much relaxing :D). The way there and back we’ll do by train, an all nighter.
Next would be the flight  to Cambodia, when we get to our hotel we will start booking taxis and ways of travelling in and around the Angkor Wat.
The Hotel we’ll be staying at will be:
  • Angkor Sayana Hotel
When we get setteld I think we’ll wing it; walk around, get lost, eat good food.
So obviously we got to talk about the “Equipment” we’ll be taking.
  • Phones ( Iphones 6s, Iphone SE and Xperia Z5mini)
  • Camera ( Canon1200D with a 18-55mm f1:3.5/5.6 Lense)
  • A GoPro Hero3
  • A Surface Pro 3 (for backup)

Stay tuned . . .


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